After Three Years of Failed Fertility Treatments

Larissa’s Wish Comes True Thanks to Subconscious Treatments
Larissa, 35, is excited. She’s in her seventh month of pregnancy; soon her wish will be fulfilled, and she’ll have a daughter. But the road wasn’t an easy one; more than once, she despaired of ever having a child.

Larissa tried for years to get pregnant, without success. For the past three years, she has undergone fertility treatments. The doctors found no explanation for why the treatments were not succeeding, writing it off to “internal stress”. Larissa had almost given up hope when a relative told her that she’d heard of a healer who uses sub-conscious powers, even to solve fertility problems.
Larissa came to Oren Zarif’s clinic. “After just one treatment, I felt my mental stress decrease,” she says. “From week to week, I felt like I was progressing toward my goal, and then it happened. After years of despair, I got pregnant, without any treatments. I know it happened thanks to Oren Zarif, who made my dream come true.”

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