Amazing: Quit Smoking in One Treatment

If you want to quit smoking, read this: Paranormalist Oren Zarif can help you kick the habit in one treatment—and you can’t argue with success.
One of Zarif’s patients that we met in his Bnei Brak clinic told us, “I came here two years ago in the hopes that Zarif could do the impossible and help me quit smoking. After just one treatment, I felt a change; then I didn’t smoke for two years. Even at moments when I felt like smoking, the urge passed on its own.”
Now, two years later, after having fallen off the wagon, this patient immediately called Zarif’s clinic so that he could help her quit once again. “I was here last week, and I haven’t smoked in a week. I’m here now for a booster treatment, just to be safe, so that he can help me overcome temptation the next time. It’s just amazing how he does it, but there’s no doubt about it—he helped me quit.”

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