Can’t Find the Cure? Come to Oren Zarif

Thousands who have given up on conventional medicine, or who want alternative treatment alongside conventional treatment, have discovered that Oren Zarif succeeds using his paranormal powers in doing the unexplainable.
Unfortunately, the hospitals are filled with patients who have despaired of being cured, and who are praying for a miracle. For example, take the parents of N., one such patient from the South, who had a malignant tumor in his liver.

N.’s parents decided that alongside chemotherapy, they would try their luck with Oren Zarif. N. came for two weeks’ treatment with Zarif, and after a few treatments, his mother came in wearing a smile.
“The doctors,” she told Zarif, “told us that two thirds of N.’s liver is already tumor-free.” Like in the fairy tales, this “tale” ended happily ever after, and N. recovered from his illness.

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