Even Now, the Doctors Don’t Know What I Had

Oren Zarif succeeds where conventional medicine fails; Yocheved Lev, a resident of the Central region, can tell you about it.
“I came to Oren Zarif in a bad state,” she says. “I’d had a high fever for a month, my blood sedimentary rate was high, and I couldn’t walk. No doctor could tell me what I had.

I’d given up when my daughter heard about Oren Zarif, and dragged me here by force. Amazingly, after only two treatments, I felt better. I continued the treatments, and now, thank God, it’s all behind me and I feel great.
“Oren helped me when the doctors couldn’t even figure out what I had. I have no idea what he did; he didn’t even touch me. It’s like magic. I simply closed my eyes, I didn’t feel anything – but I stood up feeling like new.”

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