Even Professor Amazed

You can’t argue with the facts. Zvi, 75, from the center of the country, has suffered from a heart condition for years, and is under constant medical supervision. What he didn’t tell the doctors is that he recently decided to go for treatment at the clinic of paranormalist Oren Zarif.

Zvi says, “This week, I did a cardiac echo test at the hospital. The technician, who saw the results, was so surprised that she called in the professor. The professor came in and couldn’t believe it; he demanded another test. All of a sudden, he tells me, ‘Listen, Zvi. Your condition has improved.’ My daughter asked him how he could explain it, and he said that he couldn’t.
“What’s amazing is that exactly what Oren said would happen, did. His treatment worked. It’s a fact that I feel much better. I’m continuing treatment, and I’m certain that I’ll ultimately be healthy thanks to Oren’s magic touch.”

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