Even Uzi Cohen Amazed by Oren Zarif’s Powers

“Nothing further need be said; he simply has amazing powers.” These were the words used by Uzi Cohen, acting Mayor of Raanana, to describe paranormalist Oren Zarif.
Cohen and Zarif met for the first time a few years ago, when Zarif shut off the traffic signal at the Raanana-Tzafon interchange using mental power. Cohen, amazed by Zarif’s powers, used Zarif recently when Cohen was suffering from various pains.

Cohen invited Zarif to his office in Raanana City Hall, and was astounded at how, after only one treatment, his pains disappeared. Zarif, on his part, invited Cohen to take part in some of his shootings from his Channel 8 program, where Zarif treated Cohen on camera, and Cohen couldn’t stop singing Zarif’s praises.

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