I Have Goosebumps When I Think of What I Saw

A. of Ramat Gan is still excited over what she witnessed. “I want to tell the world, and I’m willing to be interviewed anywhere so that everyone hears of the miracles performed by Oren Zarif. I’m talking about someone who suffered a stroke, who came in crawling, and 10 minutes later walked out as if nothing was wrong!”

It all started when A. was waiting to see Zarif in his Bnei Brak clinic. Another waiting patient was an elderly man who had suffered a stroke, who had been helped in by his wife and two children. “He could hardly talk; his eyes were closed most of the time,” said A. “Within one minute after he entered the examining room, Oren came out and told his wife that he was going to be okay. Ten minutes later, the patient walked out, his eyes wide open, smiling and talking. I get goosebumps when I think about it. It was thrilling to see. It was like witnessing a miracle.”

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