I Was a Wreck—Then I Became a New Person

Thirty-eight-year-old Ultra-Orthodox woman L. of Bnei Brak can’t stop thanking Oren Zarif for the new life he gave her using his paranormal powers.
“For eighteen years, I was a wreck,” she says. “It all started when at age 20, I had to undergo a CIA2, a radiation treatment in my uterus, that destroyed my entire immune system. Since then, I couldn’t do a thing; I remained weak for years, needing everyone’s help. I couldn’t cook, and I certainly couldn’t do housework, because I’d collapse after half a minute and couldn’t move.
“When I got married, my husband understood my situation and hired a cook and a housekeeper. After I gave birth, my situation got worse. I spent all day lying down. But then my life changed after I visited Oren Zarif.”

L. tells of how after just one treatment, she felt a tremendous change. “During the same week I was seeing Oren, my housekeeper quit. Having no alternative, I decided to clean the house, and I couldn’t believe my own self. I scrubbed the entire house, including moving heavy objects like beds. Since then, I’ve gotten stronger thanks to Oren, and I am happy to spread the news that my strength has simply returned. Now I happily cook and clean without getting fatigued. I feel like a new person.”

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