Thanks to Oren, Now I Can Sleep

Many patients report a significant improvement in their quality of life following a visit to Oren Zarif’s clinic. The reported improvements are manifested in improved mood, relief from pains, and even better sleep.
A good example of Zarif’s success is B., 50, who came to Zarif complaining of severe headaches whose source was unknown. “It reached a point where I couldn’t sleep,” said B. “The minute I’d lay my head on the pillow, I’d feel a sharp pain and hear a buzzing in my ears. Even when I’d finally fall asleep out of pure exhaustion, I’d wake up in unbearable pain.”

And how does B. feel after just one treatment by Zarif? “There’s no comparison with how I was before,” she says. “After being treated by Oren, I feel much better. I’m already experiencing less pain, particularly on the right side of my head, and the constant buzzing disappeared. Today I came in for my second treatment, and I believe that he’ll succeed in curing me completely.”

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