The married medical couple: We are thrilled by Oren Zarif’s abilities and by his successes

Married couple Dr. Haviva and Dr. Ivan V. visited Oren Zarif after watching a TV report about him – and now they express their gratitude to him for the success of his treatments.

Dr. Haviva and Dr. Ivan V. from Northern Israel – an ophthalmologist and a dentist respectively – happened to see a Channel 2 report about Oren Zarif. They were amazed to hear of his method using the subconscious and wondered whether it might be able to help them where conventional medicine, so familiar to them, was not succeeding.
The pair booked an appointment and went along to Oren Zarif’s clinic. They explained their problems to him and he promised to do his very best to help them… within less than a month they could already report that treatment had been successful.

In Haviva’s own words: “We visited Oren Zarif after seeing him on the TV, and I’m just thrilled by his abilities and by what he manages to do. I was very impressed by all the stories I heard from people I met there and, of course, by the way in which he helped me personally. I’m very grateful to him and offer him my best wishes. I’m so happy that I came. “
Husband Ivan agrees wholeheartedly. “We were very impressed by the TV report, so we went to consult with Oren about various things that had been bothering us. Now I feel so much better thanks to Oren’s treatments, and I’m very grateful to him.”

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