Oren Zarif saved my mother from a fatal stroke

Bella L. suffered a severe stroke and the doctors feared she would not recover * The family brought her, attached to a feeding tube and in a wheelchair, to Oren Zarif’s clinic * After only a short time, Bella started to talk and walk and was released from the hospital…

Bella L.’s family find it difficult to believe that only a few weeks ago they had brought her to Oren Zarif’s clinic, attached to a feeding tube, and not responding to her surroundings. After only two weeks she started talking and was released from the hospital.

Bella had suffered a severe stroke and was hospitalized. Her son, Pavel, said that the doctors told them that if she stayed alive she would be lucky and they shouldn’t raise their hopes.
Her husband, Roman, refuses to talk about that day. “It’s difficult to remember that day,” he said, “Bella was in critical condition, but now, thanks to Oren Zarif, she is fine and has returned home.”
Her family had refused to lose hope and brought Bella in a wheelchair to Oren Zarif, who treats patients by means of the subconscious. Two weeks after the first treatment she was sent home, from the hospital and could be disconnected from her feeding tube. She could say a few words. Since then, she has slowly started recuperating, has started walking by herself and to speak more…
“Thanks to Oren,” Bella said, “I started to walk and talk and I also hope to return to work.”

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