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Balsam Pendant

Can every illness be overcome? How does the body heal itself with the help of the Balsam pendant

Our brain is capable of maximal control over the body when wants. The question is, how do you make the brain desire this? The secret lies in the Balsam pendant that has helped thousands of ailing and suffering individuals to overcome all kinds of diseases that harm the human body.

Senior doctors and scientists have utilized its curing capacities. As of today, many people around the globe have discovered that a unique method of treatment has conquered the world and, against all odds, has succeeded in healing diseases and pains through a Balsam pendant. In addition to the method developed by Oren Zarif, geared to assist thousands of patients and ailing people visiting clinics all over Israel, Zarif has developed the energetic pendant containing minerals and special potions. The Balsam pendant can save lives even when treating patients overseas.

Meet the life-saving Balsam pendant.

What would you do if you were told that a new method was found to treat your medical problem that could cure the body and stop the pain? People who purchased the Balsam pendant report that the pain disappeared and new life has begun. Patients healed by the pendant relate miracles and wonders: The crippled man threw away his crutches, the disk problem was resolved, a patient recovered from a stroke, back surgery was canceled, a malignant tumor disappeared, clogged veins were cleared, a paralyzed hand regained functionality, all around body pains vanished, eyesight was restored after years, high blood pressure and diabetes back to normal, Alzheimer patient memory restored and more. In this article, we will tell you about the Balsam pendant and the method that can save lives. From now on, you can also purchase the pendant and start a new and much healthier life!

It is said that the cure for all diseases are found in nature – the problem is that, as science and technology progress, it is very difficult to identify and benefit from natural resources. In ancient times, intellectuals and wise men recognized the healing properties of minerals and special potions that made the impossible possible. These sages used natural ingredients since the dawn of history in order to improve health and protect against disorders of the body and soul.

It is no secret that, even today, there are hundreds and thousands of special minerals that have the power to protect body and mind from various ailments and prevent diseases. These ingredients include minerals and special mixtures that connect to spiritual and emotional levels and enable a significant improvement in health conditions. The big problem was that, until recently, most of them were unknown and it was very difficult to obtain their benefits.

From now on there is good news and an understanding that serious disease can be cured using a method based on unique formulas that include minerals and mixtures found in nature placed in the Balsam pendant of Oren Zarif. The pendant, which we will discuss later on, contains special minerals, magnet therapy and a number of secret ingredients, which, during the process of transformation, turn into the winning combination to resolve any serious medical problem!

Who is Oren Zarif

Oren Zarif is a pioneer in the field of subconscious medicine and is known as one of the world’s leading experts in the treatment of the subconscious by means of psychokinesis and energy treatments. Zarif is well-known throughout the world and has become famous in dozens of media channels (in Israel and around the world) and has succeeded in proving that, against all odds, it is possible to cure any illness. Zarif had also drew the interest of Professor Stephen Hawking in the subject and the two had convened and discussed it in length. The idea was published in the media and reinforced Zarif’s position as a worldwide pioneer in this field and established his status as a therapist who succeeded in healing many patients in cases where many doctors had given up.

Oren Zarif uses subconscious powers to help each person heal his body from various physical diseases and pains and uses special formulas including minerals and natural mixtures. He recommends that anyone who cannot get to his clinic purchase a unique pendant called the Balsam pendant, containing proven healing powers. The pendant helps prevent disease and helps the human body heal itself even from serious diseases. People who purchased the pendant reported changes and riddance of medical problems against all odds. From now on, you can order the pendant on the Internet and save lives!

According to Zarif, who had worked on developing the Balsam pendant for about five years: “All the diseases that exist in the world are unequivocally, due to problems in the energetic field of the human body.” As he perceives, “Cellular radiation, electric antennas, global climate change, air pollution, etc. create energy blockages, and as a result, the systems in the body begin to work in a different energetic way and many diseases begin to develop, such as serious cancer, outbreaks of various tumors, heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s, multiple sclerosis, blood pressure, diabetes, blindness and others”.

Over the past two decades, Zarif has managed to cure thousands of people who had faced complex surgeries and decided boldly to give up surgery and to be treated by him instead, and thus have been completely cured of the pain or physical problem they had suffered from. Zarif has shown in hundreds of cases that the treatments he had applied have saved many who preferred his methods over chemical or conventional processes. He now offers the Balsam pendant to all patients who have difficulty leaving their homes or are unable to arrive at his clinic.

Two people communicating by telepathy. Digital illustration.

The secrets of the Balsam

The Balsam pendant stimulates the natural healing processes of the body and opens meridians (barriers). It is a metal pendant containing minerals and special energetic forces that help overcome any mental or physiological problem. The pendant is comprised of a number of carefully formulated minerals and also includes magnetic therapy materials that help the body create a full healing process.

How does the method work

In the special materials compressed into the pendant, Zarif managed to project energy pulses at specific monochromatic frequencies that are absorbed into the mixture of materials and minerals according to the spectral emisiveness of each material. In the endothermic process, the materials trigger an energetic metastable state with a life span that can be charged with energetic changes of the person wearing the pendant.

To simplify this, it is like heating the material in the microwave oven, but in contrast to microwaves that operate on a narrow frequency band, in CW, the energy transmitted is done in a large number of frequencies and pulses in a coordinated manner, suitable to the specific problem of the patient as described below.

According to him: “The patient may suffice with two hours of wearing the pendant around his/her neck, during which the energy stored within the special compound is emitted in an exothermic process with slow diffusion and angular dispersion, which open all the blocked energy and blocked meridians existing in the human body and then the body begins to undergo a healing process.

It is important to note that once the patient sits in the afternoon and/or evening in a calm and relaxed manner while wearing the pendant around his/her neck, he/she is exposed during that period to the therapeutic radiation. All the substances combined identify the body temperature and create an emission according to the patient’s emisiveness.

Zarif explains: “At the end of the treatment, after the pendant is removed, a change of shade is created in the colors of the aura as a result of an energetic return of the materials to their underlying state, followed by a change in their composite refractive index that affects the spectral reflection coefficients. Naturally, it is important to wear the pendant consistently and it is not effective to pass it on to a different person since the materials are adapted to the energetic spectrum of a specific person, similarly to a key or a barcode.

How does Oren Zarif empower the materials contained in the pendant so that they can act upon and influence sick people

Like a wireless charging process that uses electromagnetic induction to charge a battery by an electric pulse through the air, Oren Zarif, without physical contact, transmits, like a wireless charger, pulses of energy at different frequencies depending on the patient’s diagnosis … The pulses are transmitted at very low frequencies and are therefore capable of passing through a vast medium almost without attenuation and thus applies the treatment and healing to the patient similarly to a battery charging wirelessly.

Why does the formula of treatment using a Balsam pendant impress thousands of patients profoundly?

Use of the Balsam pendant provides a solution to 95 percent of health problems and diseases. Zarif prepares the pendant and suits its energy composition individually to his patients worldwide, after he fully understands the problem the patient is suffering from via the website. Delivery of the Balsam pendant takes 7-10 days and is sent by express mail.

Oren Zarif is not a physician and is not a substitute for conventional medicine. Also, he does not recommend his patients to avoid conventional medicine.

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אורן זריף אינו רופא ואינו מהווה תחליף לרפואה הקונבנציונלית
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