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Mr. and Mrs. Maor: Oren Zarif saved us

Doctors decided that Yaffa needed an operation to replace her knee. After treatment at the hands of Oren Zarif, the pains disappeared and the operation was cancelled! Her husband, Shlomo, was suffering from backache and pains in his neck. Zarif managed to cure him as well!

Yaffa and Shlomo Maor, a married couple from Southern Israel, smile happily at each other as they bless Oren Zarif with all their hearts. Zarif treated both of them with treatment using the subconscious – and rescued them from pain and surgery.

Yaffa had been limping around for a long time with pains in her leg. An orthopedic surgeon had sent her for x-rays and had then decided that she needed a knee replacement. “He referred me to Kaplan”, Yaffa explains, as she shows us the paperwork.

At the last moment before the operation, Yaffa went to Oren Zarif for a treatment. “I spent 10 minutes with Oren, and walked out a different person,” says Yaffa. The pains had gone and the leg was as good as new. I went home and people couldn’t believe it when they saw the way I was walking!”

“Before I was treated by Oren Zarif, I had a terrible limp. I’d already asked my husband to get me a wheelchair,” Yaffa adds. “It’s just unbelievable how Oren saved me from having the surgery, and all that the operation entailed.”

Yaffa’s husband, Shlomo, agrees with every word. Not only was he a witness to the medical miracle wrought on his wife in front of his eyes, but he himself can attest to another miracle which took place in his own body.”

“I had such terrible backache and pains in my neck,” Shlomo tells us, “but from the second that Zarif laid his hands on me, everything changed. Now I suffer from only the mildest of aches, and I fully believe that with God’s help, Oren will soon have me completely “fixed”.

“We are both grateful to Oren from the bottom of our hearts for his help, and would advise everyone to go for his treatments,” smile the couple. To The Official Website – Click Here

הכותב: אורן זריף

אורן זריף, מטפל בשיטת הפסיכוקינזיס ותת המודע עם מעל ל-20 שנות ניסיון. סיפורי הצלחה ועדויות של חולים וסובלים ממחלות כרוניות, מחלות קשות וחשוכות מרפא - כנגד כל הסיכויים.
אורן זריף אינו רופא ואינו מהווה תחליף לרפואה הקונבנציונלית
הטיפול נעשה באמצעות שיטת הפסיכוקינזיס
חלק מהסיפורים והכתבות של המטופלים
המובאים כאן פורסמו החל משנת 1995 והילך

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