Ludmilla and Leonid both suffered from a chronic cold and a perpetual cough. After treatment using the subconscious they proclaim: “We’re not sick any more, and we’re no longer scared of air conditioning!”

Ludmilla and Leonid, a couple from Jerusalem, both suffered from a severe chronic cold and a perpetual cough. “We suffered terribly from the cold, especially when we were in air conditioned offices or buses”, they explain. “Whenever we spent time in an air-conditioned place, it immediately made us sick…”

Doctors treated the couple with antibiotics, but there was no improvement in their condition. “We just couldn’t stop coughing”, they tell us.

When they visited Oren Zarif’s clinic in Jerusalem, the first thing he told them was that they were lacking in energy. After a few treatments using the subconscious, there was a complete turn-about in their state of health.

“Now we feel fine. We’re not sick any more, and we’ve stopped coughing”, they assure us, “and we’re not scared of air-conditioning any more. We’re so grateful to Oren.”

The couple also give Oren credit for helping them with back ache. “We both suffered from pains in the spine, and Oren’s treatment made that go away as well”, Ludmilla tells us with a smile.

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