Yardena feels she owes her life to Oren Zarif, firstly he got her up from her wheel chair and secondly made a growth in her breast disappear.

The story of Yardena Goldfarb will leave you open mouthed. She came to Oren Zarif who treats people through a technique of subconscious three years ago when bound to a wheel chair because of previous cancer illness. “ I managed to overcome my cancer illness and since I wanted to walk once more, I came to see Oren”. The treatment was long and difficult but the effort was worth it because I can walk again”.

This was three years ago.

In April of 2007 I was diagnosed with a growth in my right breast. The doctors at the Hospital advised immediate surgery, but I went to see Oren Zarif once more. I undertook two treatments and then went for a private medical examination where they found that the growth had disappeared. I returned to the hospital and was examined a new. Nothing was found and the doctors were astounded. Since then I am a great admirer of Oren Zarif, and with good reason!.

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